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“Will They or Won’t They”

As people continue to flock to the social networking giant that is Facebook, will it begin to charge its audience? From my recent post ‘Age Distribution Of The Social Networks’ highlighting the age demographic of Facebook, there is reasonable evidence from a business perspective, when over 60% of their audience (35 years and older) have the ability to pay. But is the ability ‘to pay’ alone satisfactory enough to begin charging? Also, if such a fee was to exist, how would members be charged, weekly, monthly or simply on usage rates? Would this result in a boycott of Facebook or would another inferior social networking site reap the benefits of free usage? Please comment below…


One thought on ““Will They or Won’t They”

  1. nicholasbeks says:

    I’ll get the ball rolling. If you consider that Facebook owns all the content (Pictures, Status Updates and Conversions) uploaded within the website, It has the opportunity to leverage its business from this content. For example in Italy recently Police captured a wanted fugitive mafia boss using access to his facebook page. This is an example of the manner in which this content could be used. Therefore why would consumers pay the website to own the rights to consumers photos. Or are we simply just oblivious to this fact already.

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