Experiential Marketing or Publicity Stunt?

The forthcoming  release of the forth generation iPhone has created mass hysteria with Gizmodo releasing what they believe is ‘Apple’s Next iPhone’. Claiming that the prototype was “found” with reports also claiming Gizmodo paid $5,000(US) for the “lost” item.
Is this just a publicity stunt by the people at Apple or Gizmodo, in an attempt to generate interest amongst their audience, or have Apple ‘accidentally’ put the phone in Gizmodo’s hands as a means of critiquing the new product.
This exercise, whatever your view (stunt, accident, etc), illustrates the power that experiential marketing, publicity stunts or mere accidents can have in creating hype. This reminds me of the infamous Janet Jackson Superbowl ‘mishap’, which generated a newly found interest in the artist upon the release of her new album.
Source: Gizmodo

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