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Package Design

Package design plays a supporting role when it comes to branding, as it reinforces the perceptions which have been established from the advertising involved, but is this so?

Take the silhouette bottle of Absolut Vodka and the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, both these package designs have become identities for the brands in which they represent. Could you imagine if Absolut changed the shaping of their bottle, what effect would this have on their brand?

Its not only the design of the packaging but also the perception the packaging carries. Have you ever heard someone say ‘Coke tastes better in a glass bottle!’ Therefore it could be argued that when branding for such consumable goods, that the package design in these circumstances plays an intrical role.

The Coca-Cola and Absolut bottles have lead successful marketing campaigns which have been centred around the package design itself. (View one example here) This has resulted in the package design becoming buried in pop culture with artists imitating these advertisements.

The Absolut and Coca-Cola bottles are very basic designs but based on their marketing have become the identity for their brands. I believe that in the future package design will only become more innovative but modern designs limitations will lie in their ability to penetrate pop culture as the Coca-Cola and Abolsut bottles have. For a look at mordern package designs visit The Dieline.


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