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Jimmy Choo Foursquare Treasure Hunt

This campaign from Jimmy Choo has used the latest geo-tagging social networking website Foursquare as an experiential branding exercise taking consumers on a real life treasure hunt. The search involved Jimmy Choo’s latest collection of trainers in which participants received updates as to the retail outlets in which the trainers would only be hosted for a short time. If participants were the first at the posted location they received a pair of the free trainers. The treasure hunt was based in London, but that has not stopped Jimmy Choo fans outside the city from following the latest movements of their favourite brand on Foursquare.

This campaign is a great idea as Jimmy Choo has taken advantage of the geo-tagging aspect of Foursquare to leverage the consumer interaction for their brand. From the consumers perspective, experiential campaigns such as this, are most engaging but they are also successful as they sustain the interest of the consumer following the completion of the initial exercise.

This idea of using Foursquare is the first of its kind and I believe that more brands will use the geo-tagging networking website in the future for similar campaigns following the success of this one.

Source: Digitalbuzz Blog


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