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Pontus Björkman

‘The way I dress’ is an exploration into the worlds of leading menswear style icons presenting by Mr.Porter.

The latest chapter previews Pontus Björkman, Head of brand development for Acne. Continue reading

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3D Projection Mapping – Adidas


In my article yesterday regarding the evolution of logos, I touched on how logos & brands in the future will need to become four-dimensional. The video above illustrates how brands are beginning to achieve this; as experiential marketing is an optimum method  in interacting with consumers! Access Agency is a creative group that has developed some of the most fasinating concepts for experiential marketing campaigns, make sure you check out their work.

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Evolution of Iconic Logos

Logos are designed to reflect the visual attributes a brand wants consumers to perceive that they attain (and also what they offer). After viewing the evolution of many iconic logos this idea becomes prevalent as these organisations have acted accordingly throughout their history to adopt their brand as their business changes. This could not be more evident with the evolution of the Apple logo above.

Logos have moved from static images to three-dimensional formats. I predict that in the future logos will adapt again and become four-dimensional due to the increasing levels of consumers interactivity, (which we are beginning to experience now with augmented reality and 3D projection mapping) logos and brands will become whatever consumers what them to be in an attempt to satisfy unique individual consumer needs.

Visit the Inc. website to view more.

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Never say no to Panda!

This TVC for Panda Cheese shows the harm you could experience when not eating cheese.

Imagine the experiential marketing arm of this campaign. I would have the same Panda in major supermarkets, dressed up in the deli aisle, with the same music playing through a boombox, illustrating the same treatment in the TVC to those shoppers who didn’t purchase Panda cheese. Now that would generate some interest. (He wouldn’t have to tip over their trolley, maybe just turn on that music and the adorable stare?)