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Downloaded : The Digital Revolution

Downloaded : The Digital Revolution uncovers the significant  impact that Napster had on the music industry. The documentary was written by Alex Winter.

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3D Projection Mapping – Adidas


In my article yesterday regarding the evolution of logos, I touched on how logos & brands in the future will need to become four-dimensional. The video above illustrates how brands are beginning to achieve this; as experiential marketing is an optimum method  in interacting with consumers! Access Agency is a creative group that has developed some of the most fasinating concepts for experiential marketing campaigns, make sure you check out their work.

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Youtube Takeover – Desperados Beer

This video shows how brands are adopting the new features Youtube offers advertisers. After viewing the video it is easy to see how Youtube are creating another medium in which they can interact with consumers, and how they have created another channel to other social networking platforms such as Facebook.

(For the best results view the video in full screen)

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ANZ Office Building – Melbourne (Docklands)

The recently created ANZ office in Melbourne’s Docklands, in my opinion was intended to signify community, and this is successfully executed through the wide open interior space and the ability to view other levels within in the building from any floor. From a branding perspective, this building reflects that attitudes that any bank would love to have in the minds of consumers, key word – COMMUNITY!

The building was designed by Melbourne based architecture and interior designers Hassell who have also integrated successfull interior spaces for Westpac in Sydney.

For more pictures visit, The Cool Hunter

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The future of Facebook…

Credited for creating the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has warned that social networking giant, Facebook, is becoming a “closed silo of content”. He believes that the information Facebook generates is becoming trapped, as it is only available within the “walls” of Facebook itself, which contradicts the founding principles on which the world wide web was built.

The impact of this could be significant, as the web could become “broken into fragmented islands”. Source: The Age

Do you believe that Facebook is trying to take over the world, or is it in the process of creating another platform which runs parallel with the world wide web?