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This is Myspace

As part of Myspace’s $20 million marketing campaign, they have released this video, promoting the new interface with emerging and established artists. The video includes Pharrell Williams, SchoolBoy Q, Ciara, HitBoy and Iggy Azealea.

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Youtube Takeover – Desperados Beer

This video shows how brands are adopting the new features Youtube offers advertisers. After viewing the video it is easy to see how Youtube are creating another medium in which they can interact with consumers, and how they have created another channel to other social networking platforms such as Facebook.

(For the best results view the video in full screen)

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The future of Facebook…

Credited for creating the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has warned that social networking giant, Facebook, is becoming a “closed silo of content”. He believes that the information Facebook generates is becoming trapped, as it is only available within the “walls” of Facebook itself, which contradicts the founding principles on which the world wide web was built.

The impact of this could be significant, as the web could become “broken into fragmented islands”. Source: The Age

Do you believe that Facebook is trying to take over the world, or is it in the process of creating another platform which runs parallel with the world wide web?

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The Cannibal Restaurant

Ever wanted to experience eating human flesh? The Vegetarian Foundation in Germany created a cannibal restaurant and opened auditions online for waiters, surgeons and people willing to donate their limbs! This guerilla marketing campaign generated a buzz unlike many campaigns before as it spawned from social networking websites twitter, facebook and youtube, and burst onto national news programs and publications within 60 countries.

In creating so much hysteria, did the Vegetarian Foundation get its message across. Like any guerrilla marketing campaign they have executed it efficently, spending only €5,000 and generating €5 Million in media value.  But at the end of the day how many people within Germany are now vegetarians as a result of the campaign?

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Jimmy Choo Foursquare Treasure Hunt

This campaign from Jimmy Choo has used the latest geo-tagging social networking website Foursquare as an experiential branding exercise taking consumers on a real life treasure hunt. The search involved Jimmy Choo’s latest collection of trainers in which participants received updates as to the retail outlets in which the trainers would only be hosted for a short time. If participants were the first at the posted location they received a pair of the free trainers. The treasure hunt was based in London, but that has not stopped Jimmy Choo fans outside the city from following the latest movements of their favourite brand on Foursquare.

This campaign is a great idea as Jimmy Choo has taken advantage of the geo-tagging aspect of Foursquare to leverage the consumer interaction for their brand. From the consumers perspective, experiential campaigns such as this, are most engaging but they are also successful as they sustain the interest of the consumer following the completion of the initial exercise.

This idea of using Foursquare is the first of its kind and I believe that more brands will use the geo-tagging networking website in the future for similar campaigns following the success of this one.

Source: Digitalbuzz Blog